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At present, we are following a traditional editorial workflow in which all the submitted articles are processed in accordance with journals publication process and accepted articles are collated into archival issues. From Vol-2: No-3: 2014 onwards we are moving to Continuous Publication model. 

  • In Continuous Publication model, the articles accepted for publication are published in their final form as soon as they are ready instead of waiting for complete issues.

We moved to Continuous Publication model to minimize the (often long) delay between First-on-Online and issue publication. Continuous Publication model ensures faster publication of articles for authors, fast accessibility of accepted articles for readers, researchers will have full citation details available to them immediately as soon as their articles are accepted for publication and each day there is new content on the journal website.

In this section of journal website, the articles accepted for publication will appear and periodically (four times a year), the accepted articles are collated and will be published in the form of archival issues 


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Journal der Pharmazie Forschung is a quarterly , peer-reviewed, open access journal published in association with Foundation for Promotion of Basic and Applied Science. 


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